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Content Creation

Professional videography, photography and copywriting.


Videography & Photography




We create compelling promotional video and photographic content  that captivates your target audience. Promotional videos and photos can be used as part of social media marketing strategies, website content or for in house use.

Our team of highly skilled filmmakers gather information from your business to gain an understanding of your brand identity and target demographic. Our creative team will then come up with ideas for the video, scripting & storyboarding. We also include one experienced actor fitting the profile of the desired demographic.


Specialist lighting and sound equipment

Website and social media optimization


Gimbals and motion control sliders

Motion graphics and subtitling

scripting & storyboarding

One experienced actor

Showcase your work

Copywrighting & Content writing

Blogging is great way to engage and add value to your target audience. Blogging also provides an effective form of SEO for your website, enabling you to rank higher on Google for free.

At Digiprism we construct only the highest quality of blog posts that transmit trust and confidence into the reader. We assign the specific expert copywriters and content writers to produce the appropriate material for you business’s niche. This substantially reduces the work load for you at the same time as  allowing you to engage with your audience.